Celestino is proud to be a sponsor of the Eureka Prizes - the Oscars of the science world and we warmly congratulate Darren on his win and Michael and Sophie on being finalists.

Associate Professor Darren Saunders, UNSW 

A gifted and intuitive communicator, Associate Professor Darren Saunders gives medical research a clear, authoritative voice across a diverse range of media. He makes evidence-based science accessible to the general public, with particular emphasis on platforms through which vulnerable audiences are seeking cancer-related health advice.

Professor Michael J. Biercuk, University of Sydney and Q-CTRL

Professor Michael J. Biercuk is a quantum technologist committed to educating and enthusing the public, government and business about a broad range of scientific issues. Using traditional media alongside other creative platforms, Professor Biercuk brings his expertise not only to the technology sector, but also the arts and public policy, ensuring science positively and broadly impacts society.

Dr Sophie Calabretto, Macquarie University

The number of Australians, especially young women, studying higher mathematics is declining. Dr Sophie Calabretto is committed to changing this. By bringing her enthusiasm for mathematics to an ever-growing audience – from university-based outreach activities, through to appearing on national media – she seeks to reveal the importance of mathematics in everyday life.