Future is Bright STEM Experience Day

Celestino was proud to support the Future is Bright STEM Experience Day at the Powerhouse Museum. We were thoroughly impressed with the event by Western Sydney Women to inspire female students who are interested in pursuing a career in STEM.

Students and teachers from Macquarie Fields High School and Cumberland High School listened to a Q&A panel of female role models working in STEM, explored the Powerhouse Museum, and solved urban design activities based on Sydney Science Park.

Programs such as the Future is Bright and the Sydney Science Park STEM School Challenge that aim to reimagine STEM school curriculum through the adoption of an integrated, transdisciplinary, industry focused and real-life project approach to STEM learning, are key to improving young women’s engagement and enduring participation in STEM” said Duncan Challen (Celestino’s General Manager, Business Development). “It is about providing these young women with high quality STEM activities that are based on real world problems, are relevant (such as Industry 4.0), motivating, inspiring and engaging.  The real-world nature of the Future is Bright and the Sydney Science Park STEM School Challenge provides young students with access to women that are thought-leaders, leaders of high-technology industries and leading researchers. Beyond innovative STEM program delivery, we need to support our fabulous teachers with additional STEM tools, resources and training to build their capabilities and understanding on technological and industry trends that are reshaping how we live and work” said Mr Challen.  “Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we need to build young women’s confidence and self-belief that they have the ability, potential and capabilities to excel in STEM.  We need to curate opportunities for these young women to be inspired and learn from the experiences and journeys of successful women in academia and industry”.

“ These bright young minds grappled with important urban planning challenges and opportunities associated with developing sustainable, resilient and liveable cities using Sydney Science Park in Western Sydney as the centrepiece” said Mr Challen. “These young women worked together to think differently about creating innovative solutions and concepts for the delivery of sustainable energy, recycled water, healthcare, heat abatement, smart infrastructure, transport, sustainable homes, autonomous systems, connection to country, waste and circular economy, urban agriculture and public amenities that will be required at Sydney Science Park. Some of their incredible ideas included outdoor gyms that generate power when people exercise, solar panel paint to be used on road surfaces, high-tech agriculture and greening on the roofs of buildings, geo-waste that takes food waste and converts it energy, eco-stations that generate electricity for trains and buses from wind and solar, and pavements that generate electricity when people walk on them.  With innovative ideas being generated by these young bright women, it would seem we are in safe hands to create a better future for people and the environment when we develop new cities around the world”

The day could not have been more inspiring for the young girls. We were pleased to be part of the event and show our support for this incredible initiative.

Learn more here: https://lnkd.in/dzvaBW7n