What a privilege for Celestino, to celebrate the hard work and commitment students have dedicated to develop innovative, smart and challenging solutions for the future of Sydney Science Park. 

Yesterday, Year 10 Elective Geography students at Pymble Ladies' College presented their ideas on health, energy, transport, water, waste and heat. 

Year 10 student Georgia says “I’m really looking forward to working with Celestino at Sydney Science Park, as we haven’t done anything similar to this in the classroom. It’s great to get hands on and a deeper insight on our chosen topic, such as transport and we can assist with finding efficient ways to travel in and out of the city.” 

Celestino is honoured to be among these incredible young minds, watching them expand their thinking, and using Sydney Science Park to gain authentic, real world project-based learning experience.

Pymble Ladies' College is the first of many schools we hope to connect with in partnership with CSIRO-Sydney Science Park Urban Living Lab. It’s been an honour to accompany the students on this journey – watching them grow, learn and think differently about the future.