The first stage of planting within the riparian corridor at The Gables has commenced. Over the coming months 50,000 trees, shrubs and grasses will be planted as part of the restoration and rehabilitation works.

“The riparian corridor forms a transitional zone between the land and watercourse” comments Geoff Tague, Celestino’s Landscape Development Manager.

“The restoration and rehabilitation work is important for maintaining and improving the shape, stability and ecological functions of the watercourse within the riparian corridor” Mr Tague adds further.

A riparian corridor provides a range of important environmental functions such as:

  • providing bed and bank stability and reducing erosion
  • protecting water quality by trapping sediment, nutrients and other contaminants
  • providing diversity of habitat for terrestrial, riparian and aquatic plants (flora) and animals (fauna)
  • providing connectivity between wildlife habitats
  • conveying and controlling the direction and flow of water
  • providing an interface or buffer between the development and waterway
  • providing passive recreational uses for residents

Stage 1 of the planting is expected to be completed in mid to late 2017.