As part of our ongoing commitment to involve the future community at The Gables, every purchaser was invited to take a bus tour of the construction site on Sunday 27 November.  No mean feat, considering The Gables is still very much under construction! The whole team, including our Principal Contractor Western Earthmoving, worked together to make this happen for our future residents.  

At five times throughout the day, three full buses left The Gables Sales Centre and travelled along Old Pitt Town Road to enter the site at Road 9 (Fontana Drive).  Each bus was led by one our development team members who provided updates on the construction and answered the many questions the future residents had.  A highlight was being able to see the Box Hill Water wastewater pits, which will allow for recycled water for every resident, being installed in each lot.

The buses stopped at the future neighbourhood park whose design was voted on by the same residents at our first birthday celebrations back in August.  The park was marked out with coloured pegs so future residents could envision what was to come.

It was a fantastic day with only positive feedback coming from our future residents.  All were thrilled about having the opportunity to get on the site and drive past or close to their block of land.  More images below.

Arriving at the future Neighbourhood Park

Development Director, Matthew Scard, explaining what the coloured pegs mean in our future Neighbourhood Park

The future Neighbourhood Park marked out with coloured pegs!

Bus no 1 - Selfie with Development Manager Jude Adikari