You’ll start seeing beautiful changes at The Gables in the coming weeks as our landscaping works commence onsite.  Tuesday marked the planting of the first street trees, signalling the completion of the first lots is drawing near.

Standing 2.5m high already, the mature Fraxinus Pennsylvanica Urbdell Urbanite is just one variety of tree that will be planted throughout The Gables. As they grow to approximately 11m tall over their 15 – 20 years they will create a lustrous, green streetscape. In total there will be approximately 10,500 street trees planted at The Gables.

“Creating a green aspect and regenerating our natural environment is important. We have invested in mature trees and shrubs throughout The Gables to make it cooler, healthier and sustainable for the community” commented Geoff Tague, Celestino’s Landscape Development Manager.

Up to 50,000 native trees and shrubs are currently being grown at an offsite nursery ready for the first stage of the parkland corridor in the coming months.  

Footpaths have also commenced. They will connect with walking and cycle paths throughout The Gables to allow safe access to neighbourhood parks, the parkland corridor and future town centre.  

Below are a few snaps of the first trees planted and newly laid footpaths.