Leading modern design.

If you purchased a block off Celestino at The Gables, you’re likely either planning a build, or finishing a build.

Planning a Build?

If you’re planning your new home, have design questions or are seeking approval to build, please speak to the Design Review Panel on (02) 9842 1222 between 10am-2pm, Monday to Friday or email designreview@celestino.net.au

Have you finished building and landscaping?

If you have completed your home and landscaping in accordance with your approved design, and are ready to apply for the return of the Compliance Bond, you will need to complete the Bond Refund Submission Checklist and Compliance Bond Refund Application Form. This document, supporting photographs and the final occupation certificate must be emailed to compliancebond@celestino.net.au for assessment.

For assistance, please contact the Compliance Team on (02) 9842 1253 between 10am-2pm, Monday to Friday or email compliancebond@celestino.net.au.